Reunited, And It’s Not So Good!

It’s About That Time! Book It Brunch Sunday has come again and I have two reviews today. I feel like last week’s review was a little long so I tried to make each of these reviews as short as I could. I would also like to note that these reviews do contain a bit of a spoiler for those who plan on reading these books. Anyway! I hope you enjoy and are inspired to read something that will make you think and reflect this week!

The book of the week, They Tell Me of a Home: A Novel (Tommy Lee Tyson) is written by Daniel Black, an African American, Kansas native.

The main character, Tommy Lee Tyson returns from New York to Arkansas after 10 years with no communication with his family during that time. Through out the novel he ends up take himself down a rabbit hole of lies from a family he never even felt connected to in the first place.  It is easy to identify with him if a reader is an individual who tends to run away from problems and believe that it will alleviate any current or past issues. For an individual who does not identify in the same way, there is still value that may be taken from this writer.

Going into the book the thoughts are that there will be a lot of love and connections through an unexpected reunion. However, as one reads through each chapter it just seems to become worse and worse for him and everyone one else in the story as well. Even so, the memories bring bits and pieces of happiness and laughter as along the way.

I really enjoyed most of the relationships that the main character had and developed with others in the book. Even the community itself had an impact on the story and it just created a realistic view of the small town African American culture. Through the details and and thoughts of the character it was easy to feel connected.

The connection felt with this book is strong and powerful and I think that a lot of people would benefit from this. Read this book and learn a valuable lesson about family, community, and self awareness.

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