Family Values

It is Book It Brunch Sunday, and the book of the week was on The Wide Circumference of Love: A Novel written by Marita Golden. (Yes, I misspelled her name in my Insta post….Sorry!) Anyway, I am so glad you’re here!

A book that allows a reader to explore each character and their mindset. It goes into several different time settings that the reader gets to see each character develop into their present self. It really helped to identify and understand the characters on a personal level. In each book I read I like to know as much as I can about each person. It just makes it so much better for me when I read a book.

This book also gives the reader an insight on how much a family has to care for another important family member because of Alzheimer. This story shows how Alzheimer can take away everything that once was great in a sense. A person does so much in their lifetime and suddenly it does not matter because that very person can not remember those thoughts, or feelings any more. But then again you have a family that appreciates and loves this man for those same things and you see it pain them to place him in the care of a facility because it almost seems degrading but yet, it is the best option to provide the best care and take away some heavy responsibility of the family.

Another aspect that was enjoyable throughout the book, is that it talks about the success of the African American family. Most people are familiar with the negative portrayals and struggles of an African American family. It was nice to step away from that and see the other side because success does happen for us and it is realistic and relatable.

This book is full of family values and it brings awareness to Alzheimer. And I do not often read about Alzheimer because it has not really effected my life and I have not actively searched for books on that topic. However,  I am glad I found and  read it because I learned something new and received a new perspective, which is what I want out of any book I read. Also, it just came out this year! Hopefully I will be able to read more from this author.

I hope this was not too much of a spoiler. I did the best I could! Make sure to come visit next week!

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