Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Just FYI, I am having issues trying to figure out exactly how I want to write my review. I have just started this and I am still trying to find my way. I feel like the reviews probably give too much away. I haven’t had any bad responses yet but I would like to do the best I can when presenting the reviews each week. So please hang in there with all the writing styles. I will get it soon enough.

Book It Brunch Sunday is back! Finally!

So this week I have chosen to read The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace. It’s a biography written by Jeff Hobbs, who tells the story of a young man, Robert Peace.

I really enjoyed this story about Robert Peace, told by a friend and college roommate, Jeff Hobbs. To me this book felt like I was listening to a person who took the time and effort to really learn about someone rather than putting them into a box to be labeled to better identify the person. Something most people do today.

This books gives the reader a chance to sit down and learn about Robert as a person and his background. The reader also gets to understand what goes on in the city of Newark in the 80s. The description and details were so good that I felt like it would be hard for anyone to judge a poor community with high, violence, and crime. I believe this helps a reader to understand why some people have certain mind set when a person comes from a place like Newark. Jeff made an effort through this book to tell the story about Robert and  his life and struggles and a child and a man. In a way Jeff also tries to tell the story of the community Robert was surrounded by.

The reader will get a chance to learn about what it means to put on a face in certain places to hide from judgment of people from back home and people in a complete different setting. (It’s something that I am guilty of doing myself. Jeff explains Robert’s upbringing and his journey through manhood and his fight to deal with it all.

I feel like without this book if someone just heard about Robert randomly most people in the would find themselves judging him because of how he was raised and who he was raised by. I also feel that others would probably say that Robert was different from the people he grew up around. However, this book makes you question that thought.  It really goes to show that people are a product of their environment and that it takes a lot to get out of that. Even though you are capable to succeed in a way there is always a little peace of home that can hold you back and sometimes it is not in your control.

I was actually able to relate to this because I knew someone who had the same story as Robert. He didn’t attend an Ivy League school but had did attend college and was almost finished. For other people in his neighborhood that was not the typical route. I actually think this is a lot more common than most may think. It is nice to get a story out there that people usually would judge whiteout thinking. It is hard to do that with this book. I suggest this read to anyone. It is sad but I find a little light in it too.

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