Awareness Is Important

Welcome to Book It Brunch Sunday! This week’s book, Cherophobia is written by the first time author, Ismail M Taher from Cario, Egypt.

This book discusses mental illness of several important characters while also telling a love story of John and Isabelle. This book is well thought out, creative, and it’s a good one!

What I loved most about this book is that all the character’s stories end up tying back up together in some way. It was well though out when it came to how each twist would come about. It created a response from myself that wanted to keep me flipping the page. It was a great lesson and it gave awareness to things that people do not always take into consideration. It is a great learning experience and it creates a better understanding for people want to learn about something that highly impacts individuals lives today.

I would have like for there to be more of the individual’s stories included. I felt that the reader is able to get enough of the information to keep the book flowing but I didn’t enjoy how the story just suddenly jumps to the next thing out of no where. There was never enough information to build up and ease in to the next situation, event, or time lapse. It just felt rushed most of the time. The final issue that I had with the book was closer to the end where I felt that the part of the story was unnecessary. It was either that or it needed to be included in the book in a different way or a different time. But the way that it was written just made the book drag a bit.

I would also like to note that June is my favorite character in the book. I just hope to see life in the way that he sees it and truly live that way. I just think that there is something special about people like June in reality.

Over all this book was good and I think that it could have been amazing if only there were more elaboration and better pacing in the story. I would suggest giving it a read for the awesome twist and beautiful lesson that is included!

Have a great Sunday, People!

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