My name is BJ, and as a reader, I enjoy talking about my reactions, emotions, and thoughts after reading a book. Doing so helps me to really reflect on things I may not have understood and may have not noticed as I was reading. This is all great, but the problem is I do not have any friends that like to just sit and enjoy a book. I have recently been given more free now that I am out of school and also had an idea to connect with people through social media and this blog. Each week I want to pick a book to read, and give a review it on Sundays. I will purposely pick books that are from the African American community and other diverse backgrounds as well. Diversity is the main focus here. If you are looking for reviews on the popular book or books that have made it to the big screen you should look elsewhere. Of course a few may pop up here and there but it will not be priority. Also, There is not specific genre I am going for. The genre will most likely change… a lot. This a space to expand the range of books that most would read. I am open to suggestions so please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts. I want to talk to you!